Digital Marketing: Quotes of the Week

By Azleen Abdul Rahim

  1. I’m not sure if you realise this or not but here’s a fast fact for all of us to swallow. Western, Japanese, Korean and Chinese large powerful brands are launching their largest investment assault on ASEAN. Huge influx of money, investments, fund injections are being channeled to the region empowering promising local brands in the countries they’re after. Those are well-connected, ambitious brands with financial capabilities. Besides Africa, we’re the emerging market left and ASEAN’s growth is forecasted to be crazy. This is the reason why they’re here. How do you see yourself coping up as an entrepreneur now and in the near future? My take, if you do not build your brand now, I can safely say in the next few years your entrepreneurship adventure is as good as game over. I hope I am wrong.
  2. The last thing I’d do when helping my clients to market things is not to look and sound desperate. People just can smell it and when they do, that’s it. Nothing will happen. In fact, they will run away from that desperate-to-sell brand. However, when they don’t feel that the brand is desperate but instead work consistently towards building sincere bonding, things will get positive with time and people will ‘come’ nearer to the brand. The time will come they will eventually buy the products when they find a reason why they must buy from the brand.
  3. I noticed your personal branding is way being overshadowed by your company’s. Don’t you think both should work in balance? After all, the market needs to see your personal value too should you depart from the company or the company doesn’t work out as planned in the future. If the market can’t see that you are special and what you can bring on the table, then you’re so dead. You’re just like any other Joe out there, the Average Joe. It would be even better if you can make money by being you. I know some people who are enjoying this. To me, this bunch of people are really the champion.
  4. The perception that you portray to customers versus the experience that they have after purchasing your product must match. If the experience is below than the expectation then you will have a problem. They won’t come back, your product sucks. On the other hand, when the experience matches or exceed the expectations then expect multiple good news incoming. They will be wanting for more.
  5. Some people or brands worship those guys in the West for their Marketing ideology. Some look East for theories and make them locally flavoured. For me, I don’t do these. I’d rather enhance and fine tune what’s available locally and bring these out for the world to see.
  6. Let’s be realistic. Marketing, whether it’s digital or traditional needs investments to speed up the process. When the process is quicker, the outcome desired will surface quicker too. Without money it is still possible but you will exchange the speed of the outcome with time.