To Make Your Brand Stands Out, Start By Building The Brand Identity And Persona

By Azleen Abdul Rahim

You need to build your brand identity and persona to stand out. It is as simple as that. The noise out there is extremely overwhelming, with too many brands that are very similar to yours and products you are selling. So, you’ve got to start now. You’ve got to differentiate yourself against the competitions as far as possible.

Begin by defining a clear purpose why your brand exists. You must know what is the value proposition that you are bringing to the table that could benefit the consumers out there, especially to the target market you’re aiming at. You must also know what triggers these people to think of your brand first when they are considering buying something that your brand has. What are the elements involve to make them relate to your brand first before thinking about others – is it the logo that is easy-to-remember, corporate colour or your simple business or brand name. Are they able to associate themselves with coolness, healthy, youth, comfort, convenience or anything positive and beneficial when they purchase your brand? They are so many other questions on why they must choose you and not others that you need to address to build your identity. If you don’t approach your branding with these foundation pillars, consumers won’t be able to grasp why they must buy from you.

Am I making the right decision by purchasing this?

This is the question people are asking themselves too every single time when they are about to purchase something. With a clear brand identity and persona, you can easily address it and eventually influence them to purchase your products without having to push too much.