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Azleen’s Blog is all about marketing ideas. Just for you. Our mantra is to empower you with Marketing ideas end-to-end. It is time to monetise your online presence significantly.

Strategy, Insights And How-To

All the stories here are opinion-based. From strategy, insights to success stories, experience and how-to tips, all are being shared out from the heart. We share nothing but only on four things: Branding, Content, Social Media and Digital Marketing.

Multiple Languages

Malaysia is our focus. We want to empower local brands and individuals like you with digital marketing knowledge. Only with knowledge, your Marketing strategy will create impact. In our pursuit to become your favourite Marketing source of knowledge, we personalise the language for Azleen’s Blog beyond than just English.


Our articles are selectively being syndicated by other top Asian websites as well. It shows that we have substance. To date we are collaborating with Indonesian-based tech blog LabanaID, Utusan Malaysia and  Leaderonomics, a social entrepreneur portal based in Kuala Lumpur. If you wish to syndicate our articles for your website, simply notify us.

Creating A Better You

Azleen’s Blog is all about creating a better version of you, and your brand. It’s time to elevate your brand to a whole new level and make it popular. We will give you ideas on how to do it.

Why popular? You see, people prefer to buy from popular brands, not lame ones. By being popular you can actually make people queue up to pay you. Your brand can be as popular as those iconic brands out there. All you need is just ideas.

These Marketing ideas are contributed by Azleen and a few committed contributing writers. We gather and engage a few top brains nationwide to write top notch articles, just for you.