Digital Marketing 101: Enabling People To Connect All Dots, Priceless

Last weekend, I was given a privilege to continue my collaboration journey with YouGo Training. The company, led by M. Zulkifli organised a small discussion session for me to share my thoughts on Digital Marketing 101. Attended by just a handful of ambitious and committed people, I looked at each and everyone of them in the eyes and I know they’re hungry to learn.


A friend told me recently, that what I shared with them in that 2-hour session was taught by a HRDF-panel training company in 5 full days worth thousands of ringgit. For me, the value these participants are getting out of this seminar is way beyond what they’re paying for the fee. For them, the knowledge acquired that day will be a game changer. Trust me, these people are lucky.

And personally, I am happy to share what I know and experience after years of trial-and-error life as a marketer to these participants no holds barred. The feeling, it’s just priceless.

Come to my next sharing session. For just a fraction of fee, you won’t be disappointed as I will be sharing my heart out. You’ll definitely feel the energy yourself. In Marketing, you may know many things but if you can’t understand the pattern and connect dots, you simply can’t reap the full potential of the strategies you’re embarking on.

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