This Is How I Acquire Regular Qualified Leads From My Blog

By Azleen Abdul Rahim

The strategy that I have here doesn’t have a backup plan. If I’m not going to generate leads from my articles, tips and tricks shared to you daily, I am so dead. It’s simply because blogging to me is not only my best chances to bring in traffic, build powerful engagements and convert them into call-to-action inquiries, but also to showcase to the members of the public on my level of authority on this subject.

There are always fine tuning works along the way, yet I am noticing that there are 7 major things I am doing okay so far in generating leads from my blogging effort here.

I’m extremely careful when crafting the title of each post. When people decided to read an article, I have approximately less than 5 second to catch his or her attention via the title and another 15 seconds more if they decide to read further the content of that article via the first paragraph. That 15 seconds must be well optimised to ensure that I can capture the interest and the engagement after that. Ask yourself, if a visitor were to come across a lousy title, will the person be motivated to read the rest of the content?

Short-to-medium range post’s length. For a video, it is recommended to have a length of not more than 2-3 minutes or you’ll make viewers bored. Similar to a video, I need to make sure that all our posts aren’t too long. Some marketing guru out there recommended that 1,000 words is the minimum for the search engine to come, crawl and index, but screw them. I personally think the article needs to end before the audience’s reading appetite dries up. That explains why our posts only have 700-words or so.

Read also other posts. I love to encourage them to stay a bit longer and longer by recommending more articles right at the underneath of the piece I just wrote. The longer they stay in my blog, I know that I will have higher chances in acquiring their trust. Now that is really precious.

Tell a great story by keeping it authentic, interesting, practical and consistent. Visitors can smell if the content they consume aren’t real, copied from somewhere and fake. Once they smell these, they won’t return. With this in mind, I am very careful with each content to be published out. I want to be known as a good storyteller, awesome marketer who shares practical and interesting insights that make sense, good messages to them that plays with emotions and most of all, stay consistent. I am producing new content regularly about 1-2 times week in week out and our audience knows that.

Encourage conversations. I notice those who keep coming back, are those people who are within my community. They either have regular interest in topic I am preaching, or they are keeping track of my story and have a plan to use my services one fine day. Knowing this, I created a follow us button within my blog so that they’ll be the first to know. I love talking to my followers over all my social media channels. And we are interacting with each other almost every single day. With regular communication, it sparks love. When there is love, there will be actions.

Offer an entry level services. My social media and digital marketing services aren’t for everybody, as it is meant only for those who are ready to bring their brands up to the next level. What about those brands who aren’t ready? They will do 2 things: One, they will use the tips and tricks provided by all my insights, or perhaps they will acquire my entry level service when the time comes.

Conversation and entry level services’ clients will evolve to more in-depth services. Yes, these clients will evolve themselves further by acquiring additional services from me. This is where the real ROI journey starts