Social Media Marketing; A Little Goes A Long Way

By Mifzal Malik

“Stop wasting time on social media! It will get you nowhere in life!”

How many times has mommy or daddy said that to you when you were a child or even as a teenager? As a 21 year old I’m not very fond of hearing those exact words myself. Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news pops, but times have changed and in fact, yes, it will get you somewhere in life. Of course, claiming something without providing a solid argument is like hot air. So bear with me.

The best thing about social media is that it takes you exactly 20 seconds or less to share your pure, uncensored thought with your followers. Companies dig that. Advertising without the hassle of paperwork and contracts. Who doesn’t like fast, free and raw advertising, right?

  Kit Kat gets the idea!


Getting back-lashed for a rude advertisement is just another day in the office for some companies. Ethics wise, shame on you of course. However, I quote from Straight Outta Compton when I say, “all publicity is good publicity”. Take a look at the history of a few Malaysians who recently got criticized (I won’t mention any names but let’s just say one of them is addressed by the Twitter identification name that rhymes with “it’s blose blicotine”) for saying or doing something ridiculous or just plain stupid on social media, they’re not living under a bridge today, are they? Absolutely not. Paid reviews, business offers, you name it. One lucky little sport even got herself a spot on television. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not exactly a fan of acting like a complete tool just for the sake of a couple “re-tweets” and popularity but business wise it’s profitable.


Sprite gets it too. This is pretty darn offensive but they GET IT.

You can’t try to ignore the amount of backlash Sprite Malaysia got for releasing such a design for their product. To be honest, I couldn’t fathom how the design bureau of Sprite Malaysia could even approve of such a mockery against individuals who are fluent in Malaysia’s second language. People make fun of other’s who can’t speak fluent English but now we’re going to make a mess out of those who can speak too? Well I’m not a specialist on the mental health of Malaysians so I’ll just stop there. All negativity and ranting aside, it works. As I said before, all publicity is good publicity. Credits to the boys up there for having the guts to pull off that kind of stunt.

The social network is a powerful tool, which is both a good and bad thing. The good thing about it is it’s free and literally anyone can get hold of it. On the other end of the spectrum, when I say anyone, I mean anyone. When you abuse such a god like tool, you could start a cyber war and if it’s your lucky day, your nagging could hit the desks of legitimately powerful officials. It’s pretty depressing in regard to our freedom of speech but unfortunately these officials take online threats seriously (reference to recent arrests of individuals due to comments on Twitter). I’m unaware of what happened after the arrest but as far as authorized Twitter accounts stated, they were indeed held by police.


Wendy’s publicity bureau deserves a raise for their sense of humour.


Once again, the internet has never failed to inform us underneath all the creative insults and satirical humour. Marketing just gets easier and easier every day. With a pinch of creativity, you can really go beyond the borders of advertising and it’s all with that one click of a button. With the correct juxtapose of words and pizzazz, you could have a bright future. Vice versa and you’ll probably end up in jail unless you can afford that bail.


Shout out to Wendy’s for never holding back.