The Importance of Digital Marketing For SMEs: Digital Unlocked Project

This coming March 25, Azleen will be speaking to a group of SMEs management and business owners on Digital Marketing. For 3 good hours allocated to him that day, he will share a few key tricks on how to unlock the potential of your brand to the market.

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Digital Marketing is more than just jumping into Facebook or Instagram right away or paid your way to more followers. It has more than meets the eyes actually. If you have a small business or running a small-medium organisation, come and join Azleen that day to understand better about it and how to apply them onto your own strategy. You don’t know what you don’t know, and time to stop the nonsense is now.

Digital Unlocked Project is a unique initiative that combined professional and community in an epic gathering at a different setting! The event consists of 6-part series of back to basic digital marketing, marketing & sales seminars for non-IT and non-marketing savvy SMEs business owners & Startups in a chillax ambience with pairing CSR activities that you can join personally or as CSR activities for your company, throughout the year!  For inquiries and to book a seat, kindly click here.



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