Dubai Halal Expo 2017: An Invitation to Submit A Proposal On Evangelism

We are delighted to announce that Azleen was contacted by the organiser of the 9th Dubai Halal Expo 2017 yesterday, officially invited him to submit a proposal to evangelise the expo to the world.

The role is very similar to the one he and his team played in the recently concluded Malaysia’s International Halal Showcase, MIHAS in Kuala Lumpur where he helped to establish awareness of the exhibition online. Azleen and his team members took advantage of the right social networking channels, sharing the right content and amplify the right message to the world. The initiative was complementing the on-going traditional channels and the public relations activities in reaching bigger and wider audience.

Dubai Halal Expo 2017 will be a focal point for the Halal and allied industries in the  Middle East, attracting a broad cross-section of representatives, from buyers and sellers, to trade associations and the media. It is an opportunity for trade buyers and visitors to have access to over 4,000 Halal industry professionals looking to trade various halal products and services.

Dubai Halal Expo 2017, being the largest and most comprehensive B2B Halal expo in the Middle East happening this coming 18 – 19 September 2017, will be the perfect platform to build Azleen’s credential as a Marketing strategist. Good luck!