Azleen Is Now A Contributor for a Singapore-Based Khadija Magazine

Khadija Magazine is a brand new Singapore-based online magazine focusing on digital entrepreneurship and lifestyle for Muslimahs professionals and business owners. The target audience are those between 23 to 45 years old, living in major suburban cities around the world with a strong grasp of the English language. These Muslimahs are having relatively strong purchasing power and active on social media especially Instagram.

The inaugural issue was released last month, in April. It was distributed via a pdf download, and there was no charge for it. The subsequent issues however are chargeable. Azleen was invited to contribute for the August issue, to write about the Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses. The title was assigned to him back on April 19 and the content was completed and submitted to the chief editor, Ms June Jay a week after that.

On behalf of Azleen, we’d like to express our gratitude and thank you to the magazine for the invitation to be part of the contributors team member. This is such a huge milestone for Azleen’s personal brand, and definitely a big boost to his regional expansion plan in the near future.

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