Dubai Halal Expo 2017: Azleen Is The Chief Evangelist For This Year's Edition

Booooom! Azleen and team NSE are now the official team chosen by the Orange Fair and Event to help evangelise this year’s edition of Dubai Halal Expo. Known as the Middle East’s Largest Halal Expo, it will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Dubai Deira, Dubai UAE this coming September 18-19, 2017.


The role is very similar to the one he and his team played in the recently concluded Malaysia’s International Halal Showcase, MIHAS in Kuala Lumpur where he helped to establish awareness of the exhibition online. With three months to go, Azleen and his team members need to take advantage of the right social media channels, creating and sharing the right content as well as amplifying out the right message to the world. The initiative will complement the on-going traditional channels and the public relations activities in reaching bigger and wider audience.

UAE is among the world’s top Halal destinations. From food, financial, logistics, pharmaceutical, cosmetics to e-commerce, travel and lifestyle, we are confident of attracting a significant number of Halal brands and trade visitors from each vertical to the expo.

Since we are embarking a great journey here carrying vast experience we have in handling MIHAS 2017 previously, we hope to bring unforgettable success to this year’s edition of Dubai Halal Expo.

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