LinkedIn, It’s An Exclusive Tell-All Session

Mark your calendar people!

The session will be an exclusive tell-all session, talking nothing but how to play LinkedIn for your professional objective. Azleen will share how he is doing it, the tactical strategy he is deploying and the reason behind each of them in this 6 hours session. You will know how to elevate your personal brand, strengthen your brand voice, become the authority of your subject and monetise it. This is how you can stand out against the rest. Value – it matters to people when they look at you. Azleen will share everything about these, and he really means everything.


Azleen is an influential marketer on LinkedIn based in Malaysia. To date, he has approximately 8,700 connections and followers combined and looking to hit 10,000 by end-July. These connections aren’t just a long list of connections, but engaging connections that comprises of right people. Engaging connections are those who actively interact with him on daily basis, not passive. And by having an engaging connections, the chance to turn them into paid customers is very high. This is what you will learn from him that day.

Thank you to Dragonfire Academy for this collaboration, and we are indeed excited and look forward to working together in many more speaking engagements.

It’s a matter of yes or no. If you say yes, and think this session is going to be useful for your professional gain, then join us there by emailing your interest to Dragonfire Academy. If no, then it is okay. Just pray hard that your competitors do not know about this sharing session and register.