Azleen Is Now A Strategic Marketing Advisor For Lintas Travel

Lintas Travel and Services is among the largest and well established travel agencies in Malaysia, started its business way back in 1986. Despite its 31 years of age in the market and grown from strength to strength offering a full spectrum of travel services ranging from ticketing, inbound, outbound, umrah and a few others, yet it remains a privately held entity to ensure its progressive growth is continue to prosper.

The company has a stellar set of management team members and board of directors. This is the main reason why it has been making names in the corporate side of the market, especially in the oil and gas, government-linked organisation and public-listed companies.

This year, the company is now eyeing the ever-lucrative consumer market to complement their strong corporate presence. Last May 1 2017, Azleen was appointed as their Marketing Advisor after close to a month evaluation process. His tasks is to formulate an effective, result-driven moving forward directions to ensure the company shall meet its initial first-stage objective in 6-month.


The plan is completed, and the execution works are now work in progress. Airbnb did convert their brand into a ‘superbrand’ within 18 months. If they can do it, obviously Lintas Travel can too. All they need is the right formula, and now that formula is in their hands.

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