Thomson Reuters Salaam Gateway Invite Azleen To Be A Contributor

Breaking news today, Azleen is going global.

This morning he received an official email from Thomson Reuters Salaam Gateway‘s Islamic Economy Portal Editor, inviting him to be part of their existing contributors to write about Marketing that focuses on the Halal Economy. They wish to welcome Azleen to be their weekly columnist talking about the significant topics of digital marketing, social media, content and branding to their global audience from the perspective of Halal.

This is a such a significant milestone for Azleen. His personal brand is indeed going places now and this development will help develop NSE as a company as well. To become a weekly columnist and contributor for a globally renowned portal such as Thomson Reuters Salaam Gateway is indeed beyond words.

Salaam Gateway is the global reference for industry intelligence, news, information, and data needed by Islamic Economy professionals to advance their businesses and fuel their innovations. The portal is also the repository of an extensive database of Islamic Economy companies from across the globe. Their insights and intelligence are provided by Islamic Economy experts, analysts, and industry and thought leaders. Salaam Gateway is a joint effort between Dubai Islamic Economy Development Centre and Thomson Reuters.

Congratulations Azleen!