AirAsia Headquarters, RedQ Tour

Recently I had a privilege to spend a cool one hour tour at RedQ. Well, if you didn’t know RedQ is a a code name given for the AirAsia Headquarters here in Malaysia. I must say the workplace is beyond awesome. My sincere gratitude to Faz Kamaruddin and Aishah not only for welcoming me and my Managing Partner, Azie with an open heart, we were treated like a VIP. With the welcome coffee, fruitful discussion and  the end-to-end tour of the coolest office environment I’ve ever seen, we had a really good time.

Like I said, RedQ is simply an amazing place to work. That explains why AirAsia is a world champion for 9th year in a row in the budget airlines category. Long story short, here’s the short video of the tour. Focus on the office interior design please, not the stewardesses.

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