Optimism In The World Of Branding

We have seen brands being maintained, old brands being forgotten, revamping of old brands and even sub-division of existing brands. There will always be continuous efforts from companies to ensure their brand stays competitive and are being remembered or made known to the public.

Optimism enables us to survive in the most trying situation and some believe it should be part of our every day life to stay positive always. Quotations such as there is always a light at the end of a tunnel, there is a silver lining in every cloud and the list goes on serve as positive reminders and at times, are there as motivational drives to our general well being. Whether we choose to be optimistic or not depends on our mindset as to how we perceive things as it is all in our minds or rather optimism is in the eyes of the beholder.

But how does one connect optimism in branding? We all know branding matters as it is inevitable in this business world where survival of the fittest is important in order for any business to be successful and sustainable in the long run. We have seen brands being maintained, old brands being forgotten, revamping of old brands and even sub-division of existing brands. There will always be continuous efforts from companies to ensure their brand stays competitive and are being remembered or made known to the public. Depending on their affordability and what companies believe in wining its consumers, various branded contents can be used such as info-graphics, blogs, images, social media, webinars and many more. If you are new to branded content for instance, you may crack your head thinking, “What should be created?, What is my budgeted cost to outsource?, Will the effort yield a return within the shortest time?” In Joe Renaldi’s articles entitled “12 different types of branded content consumers love”, he quoted that “Whether you know it as branded content, content marketing, or any other industry buzzword, one thing remains clear about creating quality content tailored to your customers: It works.” The next question is whether it works and can it be fruitful to achieve its objectives.

At the end of the day, the question also goes to how much risks is one willing to take when selecting a mode to promote a brand. It depends on how optimistic or confident is the company in selecting the branding methods and its branded content. It also depends on the branded contents that consumers love and how they perceive it upon coming across say, an advertisement on the branded product. In reality, neither there is a fix answer nor a formulated solution to this as there is thousand and one type of consumers out there to be fulfilled!

The list on the type of customers can be endless and difficult to predict. People’s mindsets change all the time. Subjective or objective view points that were formed can sway from optimistic to pessimistic view points at any one time. The extent to which a customer is optimistic about a brand or trademark also depends on several factors such as his past experience with using the branded item, the existence of other similar brands (as nowadays, consumers can be spoilt for choices), hearsay/the truth, attractiveness of the advertisement and trust in the brand. The latter has one of the strongest influences as the saying goes, “The most expensive thing in this world is trust. It can take years to earn and just a matter of seconds to lose it.” But the extent to he acknowledges the brand also depends on how optimistic he is on the brand. If he doesn’t favor the brand at first sight, most likely his subsequent perception for the brand will be negative thoughts.

Many companies use powerful and effective phrases with optimistic element to bring out the brand while meeting customers’ needs. Having in mind not to overdo it, short and effectively messages are often used to capture instant attention. This can be seen in our recent local property fair where the trend seems to focus on the importance of being close to nature as well as being optimistic and supportive of enhancing green environment and life enrichment. This is in line with potential house buyers’ optimistic mindset to treasure safe, healthy and friendly environment and not forgetting the “out of city life” concept after a hard day at work in the city or industrial area. This is noted among others, in the following captivating phrases:

  • “Spaces Crafted by Nature” by Emerald Hills.
  • “Luxury Inspired by Nature” by Solaris Parq.
  • “Creating Spaces for Life” by Parkcity.

Another example is telecommunication where we can’t deny the fact that hand phones are the “can’t do away gadget” that everyone must have where it must go hand in hand with good internet service. People are very optimistic in the usage of hand phones as means of convenient communication anywhere anytime. Very often, we hear people saying, “Aiyaaa….no line…no data…can’t whatapps you now, I talk to you later”. So, here we have telecommunication companies continuously enhancing their services. Digi is one example where it uses statement such as “The only borderless plan made for business anytime, anywhere” before detailing the content of its services. It is self explanatory while meeting customers’ needs at first sight.

Besides selecting the desired branding methods, the importance of imposing optimism in branding is imperial and inevitable in this constant changing world. It plays an important role in instantly connecting the seller and potential buyers/consumers. Small or unintentional mistakes in branding can cause life long damage to its product and tarnish the company’s reputation. Hence, companies’ endless efforts will continue to be explored and researched to enhance its marketing efforts to impose optimism in branding while sustaining its corporate image and business.

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