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Dear Entrepreneurs, Here’s How To Apply The KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) Principle The Right Way

The Blue Cafe way

You know, nearby my house, there’s one cafe. The name is Blue Cafe. Cute isn’t it? They serve great coffee, teh tarik and a simple yet quality spread of pastries. The thing that I like the most is the mug size. The one that they’re using is bigger than normal. Meaning, for just RM7 I will get a decent amount of coffee to enjoy.

Blue Cafe occupies a very small space. It has 6-7 tables only. Their overall menu is also limited but enough. The cafe opens at 9am and closes at 5pm. I look at it as a neighbourhood cafe, nothing more.

Despite small in size, I’m actually impressed with their business model and concept for one reason. Unlike others, they prefer to keep things simple. I’m sure they are ambitious but they keep the pace practical. To me, it seems that they want to focus on delivering value, grow the patrons and do not want to rush the growth process. They want to enjoy the daily journey than pushing hard to achieve whatever they want to achieve. I guess one of the reasons why they keep things very simple is because they truly acknowledge their resources and capabilities.

FYI, I am running NSE Social Media exactly the same way Blue Cafe runs. Cool, slow and steady. Yes, I admit that I am looking for more new customers but I’m not going to rush the process. I prefer to deliver a great quality service to the existing customers and let the word-of-mouth do the work. This is way more sustainable I think.

As a small business owner, today I truly understands what it means by the KISS Principle. By acknowledging those limitations that I have in terms of resources needed for growth, the best way live with it is to enjoy the pace the nature gives me. Do not rush the process. Keep the pace practical. I think I will live longer this way.

Hey, come over to Bukit Jelutong. Text me. I’ll buy you a cup of coffee here at Blue Cafe. See for yourself how simple their operation is.

Dear Entrepreneurs, Here’s How To Apply The KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) Principle The Right Way
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