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One Reason Why You Should Upload & Display Your Content On Marketing In Asia

Today, the platform is displaying easily between 12 to 15 new content daily coming from all over Asia

I admit, co-founding Marketing In Asia is one of the biggest milestones ever. Never been this proud all my life, seriously. I never actually realised that the idea that struck me in 2017 would make me come this far. Now, Marketing In Asia is on its way to becoming one of the largest content-sharing platforms in Asia, or perhaps in the world too. The keywords here are ‘on its way’ okay, meaning it is not there yet. Work in progress, still.

Today, the platform is displaying easily between 12 to 15 new content daily coming from all over Asia. From news to podcasts, articles, analysis, stories, insights and reports, the number is getting crazier by the day. Good crazy of course. I am expecting the volume to increase to 20 or 30 new content daily by end-2020.

Huge brands like CNN, Nikkei, South China Morning Post, Spotify, Google, YouTube, Waze, Microsoft, LinkedIn and hundreds of media agencies representing some of the global heavyweight brands are now noticing us. Most of them now are our customers. Marketing In Asia is also becoming their first-tier go-to distribution platform for their content, bylines, news, announcements and press releases.

I need more. 

I want to see Marketing In Asia to display at least 50, 100 or even 1,000 content a day very soon. The more, the better. More quality content on this platform means that there will be more traffic will come by to read and consume the available content. If you are a content creator on Marketing In Asia, more content and more traffic also will translate into higher chances of people to notice your displayed content too. Rather than working in silos to attract traffic to come by and read your content through your own website or blog, I personally think it is way better for us to collaborate with one another. 

Here’s the reason why. 

You are great at creating content and very creative at it. But to distribute it, you aren’t. What you will do once you’re done writing a story, editing a podcast or designing an infographic is that, you will park the url of that content into your social media channels which has a number of friends each hoping for traffic to come. Ah, yes. You can pay ads on the social media platforms too to boost the traffic. Of course. But the question is this, is the paid strategy sustainable? I guess not. I see this as a very expensive strategy to deploy on a long-run. Further, the traffic will stop coming over once the ads are finished. You will go back to square one. 

Those pay-to-play social media networks want you to keep on paying them.

Then, there is SEO. Search engine optimisation. I’m pretty sure that you know how to write good stuff, craft awesome infographics or videos and maybe have a creative approach with podcasts. But do you really know how to make those content be available on the first page of Google Search when searched? 

I don’t think so.

Of course, you’ve read some basic stuff about SEO’s how-to here and there, and try to follow each of them religiously. Yet, the result isn’t that significant. In fact, it is almost non-existent. You must understand, to be able to rank highly on search engines, especially on Google, is not as simple as following the generic guidelines available online. It is extremely competitive out there and you need technical expertise to really achieve your SEO wet dreams. Non-technical SEO can only bring you up to a certain level only. Nothing more. This is the hard reality you must understand.

Here’s what I can suggest to you moving forward.

Let’s work together, you and me. Let’s collaborate. Let’s partner. I strongly believe that the impact will be stronger by working together. When two parties, who both have weaknesses band together as a unit, they will be stronger. Stronger than working in silos. Here’s my idea. It is simple. You focus on creating cool content regularly, because you are very good at it and let Marketing In Asia focus on distributing it out and acquiring traffic for you. Because we are good at it too.

Listen. We are very good at distributing content, you should spend more time there. Today, Marketing In Asia has already pooled together hundreds of content creators from all over Asia to upload and display content here on the platform. Hundreds more are coming. Imagine each of these content creators has let say 2,000 friends online. Be it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter whatever. Usually, when each of them upload their content on Marketing In Asia, the creator will share the url on their favourite social media channel. When the sharing is done, there will be some traffic coming to read the content. Maybe not much but it is okay.

Here’s the magic. 

There are 300 content creators at the moment on Marketing In Asia. Imagine each of these creators upload one content a month and share the url of the content with their friends online. See the potential?

The traffic that comes by from other creators will notice other content too and not just his or hers. The same traffic might scroll further and find even better content, stories or podcasts belonging to other creators. And that creator could be you. Let say you have a rough day that day and your content standard isn’t quite up to your actual level. Even though your uploaded content quality might not be that good due to whatever reasons, or maybe you’re too lazy to create new content at all that month, those incoming traffic might still drop by your displayed content uploaded last month or before. Why? Because the traffic somehow managed to find it when he or she is scrolling for more. They might notice yours, click on it, read it, love it and eventually click on your website url available at your profile.  

Listen. We are not just pooling content creators, we are also pooling together all our readers into a single place. And the community is getting bigger by the day.

This is how I build Marketing In Asia. I am making sure that most of the traffic that comes by the platform will stay as long as possible. I am building organic traffic for you, for me and for all the content creators to enjoy. I am building this platform so that all of us can skip those pay-to-play social media doctrines and bring larger traffic back to our own website for free. So next time when you’ve created awesome content, upload them on Marketing In Asia too. Then see the traffic coming your way once they are displayed. 

My friend, that is how you should play when it comes to distributing your content.

One Reason Why You Should Upload & Display Your Content On Marketing In Asia
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