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Bring Old Blog Back To Life: My Story

Exactly a week ago, I couldn’t sleep at all. A text conversation during the day left me feeling unsettled. I didn’t like the way that WhatsApp conversation was heading to and I decided to just walk away from it. I just agreed to whatever she said and moved on. I tend not to overthink or react to things that are beyond my control. Seriously at this age, I try not to get involved in any unnecessary, difficult or unpleasant conversations with emotional people unless they are unavoidable. Usually I’d turn to reading or killing time on Netflix after encountering one.

I’m lucky to be born as an extreme introvert. I don’t like bothering people and they don’t bother me either.

At 1am that morning as I was enjoying one article from my Flipboard collection, one idea struck me hard. It’s an idea on how best to revive my own blog Yup, this blog that you’re reading right now. I must say that, after neglecting it close to three years now, the guilty feeling was a little bit overwhelming.

I dozed off at about 4.30am before waking up 5 hours later. After my 10am conference call, I revisited the blog and slowly restructured some of the content available there. Now it’s almost ready. The image quality is better, the new theme looks handsome like me and the reading experience is not bad. The blog now needs for more content, more English content.

Expect more regular stuff from me there.

Bring Old Blog Back To Life: My Story
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