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The Biggest Problem With Marketing, Not Enough Things To Market

That’s because your foundation is not strong enough

That’s right. Many brands prefer to focus on the shouting out part of Marketing more than anything else. I think they must’ve thought that Marketing has that particular area only they need to work on. They are willing to pay to understand social media more, to learn how to use LinkedIn to get more valuable connections, to game all platforms, to know how to rank better on Google, to understand how to create flashing videos that rock or to find out what equipment to buy to have a rocking podcast station. 

While shouting out is indeed necessary, this is, however, the easiest part of Marketing. They forgot that there’s another essential layer of Marketing that they need to figure out first before anything else. 

And that layer I called it, the Foundation layer. Now this part is the most difficult part and time consuming to build too. It’s the pillar that holds the entire marketing structure, making it sustainable during rain or shine over a long period of time. With a strong foundation, there’ll be less burden on the shouting out as this particular layer is the very part that stimulates word-of-mouth movements. As you know, word-of-mouth or referral is the most powerful marketing method hands down. This is also the part where you as the brand owner really, really need to understand your business, what do you belief in and where do you actually want to go. 

There are several elements a brand needs to figure out first at this Foundation layer. They are product quality, user experience quality, the real-deal problem the brand is really solving through its purpose, what significant value it is offering compared to other similar brands, a consistent set of branding strategy that consists of the good brand name itself, the memorable logo and graphic elements the brand is going to adhere with. Answering these questions well will help you as the brand owner to shout out even more effectively. 

Once the foundation layer is sorted out, you will grasp what your brand’s message is all about. Before this, everything is just in your head. Now it is clearer. That brand message of yours will tell people that it is fighting for something worth fighting for, where it stands in this complicated world, how people can benefit from it by becoming a community member or a paid customer and what makes it relevant in their life. If you sit down quietly and observe some of the largest brands out there, all of them are able to attract people to queue up to pay for their products without much shouting out effort. Even during pandemic or worst recessions. Why? Simply because they have a very strong message that people truly understand. They understand what makes the brands so relevant in their daily life that they can’t live without.

Once you understand your brand message clearly, the content creation process next, will be way easier than ever to prepare yourself for the shouting out through social media, search engines, ads and media releases. 


The Biggest Problem With Marketing, Not Enough Things To Market
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