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3 Reasons Why You Should Automate Your Social Media Marketing

It’ll be run better, cheaper

It’s a full-time job actually. No, seriously. If you think that it is merely a posting job, then you are wrong. It is more than that. Before any posting is done, the social media guy needs to write an engaging set of posting for the day. To write, he needs to do a little bit of research. The research usually will take time. He then must understand what sort of voice to be used. That’s one. He must also understand what exactly to write, something that makes sense, impactful and will score some level of engagement that indirectly sells.

Then, there’s a visual that needs to accompany the copywriting. The visual will help push the entire posting a little bit more hoping for a better engagement. What sort of visuals to use, is it an image, a video, an infographic, a GIFs, what? Where is he going to get that visual, from another team member, he has to do it, it will be given by each of the department’s head or stock photo websites? He must also think carefully whether he should put a call-to-action post or not in order to magnet some leads. If that day he plans to write a CTA post, where should he bring the traffic to? All these are excluded from the live and recorded events he has to cover.

These are some of the things the social media person needs to work on daily for 365 days a year. Yes, it is time consuming. Thus it will be tricky if the brands decide to run it just to keep their brands consistently up-to-date online. It’s tricky and unproductive too. Usually, many brands will opt for someone within the company to run it ‘part-time’. The social media gig is on top of the person’s main roles which normally he or she needs to do it without extra pay. When this happens, it is unlikely the brand will see growth. It will just stay afloat, that’s it. 

Automating isn’t only about saving time and money, but managing internal resources ethically better too without burdening them with too much work. Here are three reasons why you as a brand owner should consider automating your social media presence via outsourcing.

It runs with a purpose. When a brand decides to outsource it to a social media agency, usually the management of those digital assets comes together with a proper strategy. The operations of it will be structured and well planned with the intention of achieving certain objectives. Running it with purpose, it is more efficient and effective. 

It will display trustworthiness. People will know from the social media look-and-feel whether the brand either can be trusted, stable and professional or sloppy, small and amateur. People will also notice that the brand really cares a lot about their online presence or otherwise. This is where the first impression starts.

It is run with quality and cheaper. Usually the monthly cost to run social media managed by a social media agency is merely a fraction compared to hiring a full-time employee just for it. For NSE, the fee to run one social media channel is only MYR500 per month which is a lot less compared to a full-time hire with a pay that starts from MYR2,000 a month. Most of the brands only have between 1 to 3 channels only, hardly more than that. It means, the total monthly cost is still lower than the basic salary of the full-time employee.

Do take note that automating it via outsourcing may or may not result in securing more leads or business opportunity in a shorter period of time. It is still dependent on the brand’s value proposition, product quality and a few other variables beyond the social media play.

3 Reasons Why You Should Automate Your Social Media Marketing
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