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3 Social Media Assumptions To Avoid

Be careful

Many brands, especially the SMEs and professionals, are putting a lot of high hopes when it comes to social media. They see Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram as the ultimate saviour to generating leads for their products and services. Well, this is half true.

Social media brings sales. No it’s not. It doesn’t bring sales, it brings eyeballs. It’s like as if you’re having a physical store by the walkway, and your window display is perfectly positioned there to make sure the crowd can see when they’re passing by. When there are more and more people passing by and take a peek at the window display, the chances of people stop walking and detour to your store are likely higher. That’s because there are people who may find what you’re displaying attractive. But the actual reason why they buy isn’t because of the attractiveness. It’s because of something else, something deeper.

Social media helps a lot in bringing traffic to a website. I wish this is true, but it’s not. Usually social media is ranked 3rd when it comes to attracting traffic to a website after search engines and direct traffic. I am running a global content-sharing platform, Marketing In Asia, and monitoring a few other websites for clients, and this is what I am seeing today. Yes, social media helps to bring traffic but not as big as the other two.

I can hire young professionals to run my brand’s social media presence. Avoid this at all costs. Yes, young generations may use social media more than the rest of the other ‘older’ generations or know their way into certain platforms more than others, this however doesn’t necessarily mean they know how to operate it for their employers. Running social media for business is different from running social media for ourselves. The personal side of Facebook and LinkedIn don’t work the same as the business Page side. Thus, brands should hire a real professional for this purpose, as they understand what works and how to make it happen.

Avoid these assumptions, get more information on how you should build and grow your social media prowess the most impactful way. One thing for sure, running social media for brands requires many more things to consider and one of them is a proper strategy. Usually, it’s not wise to totally depend on social media to generate leads. It won’t work.

3 Social Media Assumptions To Avoid
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