Azleen is a Marketer. He is a person who prefers to write than talk. His personal mantra is to empower people with meaningful marketing ideas through his content so that they will know how to monetise their online presence like a pro. The monetisation journey always begins with cool ideas that make sense. He founded NSE, back in 2011. It is a social media company. The company has been running LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for brands quietly. Through NSE, those brands are able to set their social media channels on auto-pilot and grow without much effort. Great brands always focus on things they are good at and leverage on others to handle the rest. You too can leverage the same way.

NSE co-founded Marketing In Asia in 2018. It is a content-sharing platform that makes it easy for people to enjoy articles, infographics, podcasts, slides and videos online. In simpler words, if YouTube is a service of displaying videos made by the creators who own the copyrights then Marketing In Asia is a service of displaying content made by content creators who own them too. We’re building this platform to be a global powerhouse. If you want to get Asia to notice you and think your content deserves better traffic, start uploading them on Marketing In Asia today. The platform will bring traffic back to you.

Azleen was a columnist at Utusan Malaysia before. Now he just writes for himself. Each week he writes about the Marketing-related tactical topics, the strategy stuff. He is very good at that. On a personal note, he graduated from Universiti Utara Malaysia back in 1997 with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, majoring in Marketing. Since graduation, he has worked for local and international multinationals until he left the employment world for entrepreneurship in 2010. In chronological order, these are the companies he was attached with prior to setting up NSE. They are Sapura Telecommunications Bhd, Redtone International Berhad. VADS Berhad, Avaya Malaysia and Siemens Malaysia. These local and foreign multinationals gave him tremendous exposure to Marketing that builds him for what he is today. His insights on marketing strategy are rare and probably the best in the region. You can read them all for free on Marketing In Asia and here at Azleen.com

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